On September 29th, 2016, we released our first album – Boundaries – original music recorded in North Kohala, Hawaii.

You can listen to the title track now at https://soundcloud.com/slippersons/boundaries

It available for download on iTunes or on CD now at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theslippersons#


In four days during October 2015, we recorded  music that took us four years to develop. We worked two-day sessions, two weeks in a row, with Joey Bradley engineering. Each song was recorded “live” to 24 track digital, and only a few minor overdubs were made – mostly the vocals. The overdubs we did do were recorded by Charles Brotman in his LavaTracks studio in Waimea. Everything else is on the album as

originally recorded.

The “mix” was done by Tom Rothrock,

with help from Mike Tarantino.  

Audio mastering was done by

Don Tyler in Los Angeles.

Mahalo to Anna Pacheco, who took all the photographs on the package, including the cover. She photographed recording sessions as well

as our performances.  

Thanks also to Tyler Jon and Brian Danielson at Cravedog Manufacturing in Portland for their help actually making the CDs.

photographs by Anna Pacheco / collage by RRussell

Our album "boundaries" was nominated for a 2017 Na Hoku Hanohano Award

for best jazz album of the year!

Mahalo to

The Hawaiian Academy of Recording Arts

for the consideration and recognition