Brother "Slippery Pete" Slipperson – formerly "New York Shorty" – was always the apple of his mother's eye, and a peach in his father's pie...ala mode, of course. Nowadays he's re-inventing time and space for the benefit of future jazzaholics.

Richard "Cardo" Slipperson was delivered while an actual tornado was passing nearby. Since then he's always been musical, making the best use he possibly can of whatever karma he has left…

Sister Robin Slipperson was born tone-deaf, but fortunately she learned "vibe" from her rythmically-challenged younger brother Jerome. She has since learned how to simply read the energies directly into her horn and

then just let it speak for her.

Brian Slipperson has been hit by lightning more than once, and he just gets better every time. As we like to say, more power to him!

"Joltin' Joe" Slipperson arrived as if by accident (though nothing is, really) or comet (except maybe that), and swears he's from the Tuscan countryside, even though his ancestors

were actually Sicilian…

Jerome "the Koalaphone" Slipperson was a surprise entrance into the family, years after Mama Slipperson had hung up her dancing slippers. Nevertheless he has survived and,

by all reports, even thrived…

the Slippersons

genuine fake (mostly) bios